The Mark of the Minotaur Live onstage in San Francisco (and streaming) February 4th, 13th 2022

I love this show and am so excited it was chosen for Playground-SF’s solo festival.

1900. The Island of Crete. Archaeologists unearth tablets with mysterious writing. It may hold the secrets of the legendary Labyrinth, the Minotaur, and the Minotaur’s sister, Ariadne.

A working-class woman in New York and a rich male architect in London made history solving the mystery. But versions of that history differ.

It’s a mystery of revealing ancient truths, righting historical wrongs and the subversive fun of ditching the old versions to make history today.

Tickets are by donation: $0-$30. Half of all donations go to performers so use promo code: SPFSE so they know you’re coming for me.

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