I’ll Livestream my new solo show, THE MARK OF THE MINOTAUR, Monday May 3rd, 7:30 pst on The Marsh Theater’s MarshStream.

It’s a mystery about deciphering ancient writing and twisted mythology and whether the past has anything to teach us anyway? 

1900. The Island of Crete. Archaeologists unearth tables with mysterious writing they call. Does it hold the secrets of the legendary Labyrinth, the Minotaur, and Ariadne, who helped the hero Theseus kill the beast? A working-class woman in New York and a rich male architect in London made history solving the mystery. But versions of that history differ. How much can a woman do? Will she get credit? Does she even want it? 

No reservation needed, no ticket required, but The Marsh asks for donations to help pay for streaming… until the theater can reopen in-person. I hope you can check it out! 

Link to the Marshstream

April 12th, I’m doing part 1 of the story on a bill with 3 other performers from a workshop with director David Ford: Karen Ripley, Mick Renner and Ginger Parnes. May 3rd will be just me, the full show,